Association with the United Nations

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The NGO section of the Department of Public Information (DPI) in the UN decided on November the 20th, 2015, to approve their association with the Specialisterne Foundation, which encompasses the concept and trademark of Specialisterne, and replicating them worldwide.


The DPI serves as a connection between the UN and approximately 1.600 NGOs and other civil organizations across the globe, and aims to spread the message of the UN to aid public understanding of its activities and objectives.

Thorkil Sonne, creator of the Specialisterne Foundation, stated that “the affiliation with the UN DPI is a major milestone in the history of the organization. As experienced at the UN World Autism Awareness Day 2015, the Call to Action on employment of autistic individuals by the General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon resonates among global stakeholders. Specialisterne Foundation (formerly Specialist People Foundation) is very excited about strengthening ties with the UN, and supporting the General Secretary’s Call to Action across the globe”.

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