Video game tests for PlayStation

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Various consultants of Specialisterne have begun the test of six new games created in Spain in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain as part of the program PlayStation® Talents.


As part of this agreement, powered by Animatoon Studio and PlayStation ® Spain, the first team of consultants has been trained in the demanding quality control methodology that video games must pass for PlayStation®4 (PS4 ™). The team has since initiated the exhaustive testing of the new Programa ® Talents videogames, searching for all types of errors in their performance to be corrected by developers and pass Sony’s quality control process.

According to Dario Avalos, Director of Animatoon Studio, one of the Spanish development companies included in the program PlayStation(R)Talents: “The result has been excellent. The consultants of Specialisterne have been able to skilfully identify the errors and have proven to be very demanding in their work, motivated, responsible and respectful of deadlines. They have not limited themselves to error testing for logic and gameplay, but have also reported possible errors in the game’s graphics.”

The titles that the consultants are testing are of varied themes, from adventure games to action and racing games, and will be available at Christmas.

The complete press release is available here.


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