Business Services

Professional business services to meet today’s business needs.

Our Specialisterne operations around the globe provide a range of professional business services to meet today’s business needs. These services range from software management, data testing and logistics, to consultancy and design – all depending on the consultant profile, and on the specific services offered by the local Specialisterne operation. We group our services into the following three areas:

  • Software Management
  • Testing and Registration
  • Data Logistics

The autism advantage

Our consultants have a passion for detail that is second to none. We call this the Autism Advantage and it is our unique selling point. All of our consultants have some form of autism, or another diagnosis on the autism spectrum such as Asperger Syndrome. They may also have other challenges, such as ADHD or Tourette Syndrome. At Specialisterne, we see the talent beyond the diagnosis, and understand that the characteristics of these disorders, and others like them, give our consultants a unique advantage when it comes to certain tasks: tasks that other employees often find boring, repetitive or too demanding. Our talented consultants however actually enjoy this kind of work!

The services we offer run in tandem with the unique competencies of our consultants. We provide consultancy services to both the private and the public sector, and can add value to your organization in the form of high-quality solutions to the most complex of problems, greatly improved services and, not least, an inspiring  and innovative CSR policy. So, if you need someone who can:

  • Concentrate deeply for longer than average periods of time
  • Persevere when it comes to repetitive tasks or actions
  • Recognize patterns
  • Spot deviance in data, information and systems
  • Pay outstanding attention to detail
  • Optimize processes

Then let’s talk! Our consultants may be just what you are looking for.

What next?

If you would like to hear more about Specialisterne and the services we can offer you and your organization, then please contact General Manager, Francesc Sistach, for more information.


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