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Specialisterne, founded in 2004 in Denmark, is active in 15 countries worldwide. With its new, innovative model, Specialisterne is a pioneer in job inclusion for people diagnosed with ASD. It’s also an example of social entrepreneurship with international goals.

As a consequence, Specialisterne got the attention of the media, and has been referred to on several occasions and within different contexts. It has also been studied by academics from different fields: social entrepreneurship, innovation, diversity and human resources.

Many case studies and articles analysing Specialisterne have been published. Specialisterne also participates in lectures, classes, events, etc., in universities and business schools, and collaborates in academic projects that explore Specialisterne as a topic.

In accordance with our mission of spreading the word that people with ASD can be integrated into the labour market with adequate training and support, and of replicating our model worldwide, we always try to encourage such publications and collaborate in these sessions and projects.


The mostnotable publications related to Specialisterne are:


Specialisterne is a good example of social entrepreneurship, international expansion, innovation in human resources, talent management in the IT area, integration of diversity, etc. We can participate in courses from different points of view, and use study cases such as those published by HBR or our canvas of business model or value proposition.

You can see a brief example of our presentations in this video (in Spanish) realized for Momentum, an initiative of support to the social companies of BBVA and the ESADE Business School. Or this other video, on the occasion of the Executive Meeting 2016 of the EADA Business School, in Barcelona.



We have already accumulated many cooperation projects with the academic world, from the analysis of the social and economic impact of Specialisterne to the participation of students in, for example, the feasibility studies of new countries in which Specialisterne wants to start operations. For example, several students of the ESADE Business School participated in the feasibility study of Specialisterne in Mexico.

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