Social and economic value

What’s the social and economic value of giving a job opportunity to someone with ASD?

For the person who gets the job, it’s almost invaluable. Working is the direct path to financial independence and personal achievement, higher self-esteem, etc.

And for society? Is investing in education and support for many years profitable? In recent years, measuring initiatives using the SROI (Social Return On Investment) has become quite popular.

This measure helps to compare social initiatives and, in several cases, has shown that an investment to help certain groups, even when substantial, can be profitable for society.

The Specialisterne model has been tested, and produced meaningful results according to the two following reports:

  • The Specialisterne Impact Analysis Report, published at the end of 2013, about the results in Denmark. Its main conclusion was that for each Danish krone spent on a Specialisterne employee, 2.20 kroner in taxes were generated for the Danish government. You can learn more here, or have a look at the summary of the report.
  • The ‘Realizing Potential’ report by PwC Australia, based on the ‘Dandelion Program’, a partnership between the Specialisterne Foundation, the Australian Government Department of Human Services and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Australia. The report outlines the social and economic benefits, and includes testimonials of people with ASD already working in software testing for HPE.

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